We are excited to let you know that Bubby Shandy's Children's Library is now OPEN!


These are the titles we currently have in our Library.


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23 under 1 Roof The new House
23 under 1 roof under renovation
A car that goes far
A Classic Trio -2
A daughter of Two Mothers
A family for Frayda
A fragile thread
A Glimpse Behind the Iron Curtain
A house full of Guests
A journey with Rabbi Juravvel #1
A journey with Rabbi Juravvel #2
A journey with Rabbi Juravvel #3
A journey with Rabbi Juravvel #4
A journey with Rabbi Juravvel #5
A light for greytowers
A Mystery for Mindel
A Mystery from Afar
A Pinch of Pepper
A promise Fulfilled
A Purim Story
A rose among Thorns
A story with Rabbi Juravel #1
A story with Rabbi Juravel #2
A story with Rabbi Juravel #3
A world of a Difference
A Yiddeshe Kop
A Yiddeshe Kop 2x2
Adeventures with Rebbe Mendel
Against the Wall
All the Hidden Children
Alone in Africa
Alone in the forest
Amen Allowed
Another handful of Stars
Anything Can Happen
At B.A.T.T
Autumn Rain
Bakers Dozen 1,2,3
Bakers Dozen 10,11,12
Bakers Dozen 13,14,15
Bedtime Stories of Jewish Values
Bedtime Stories of Jewish Values
Behind the Bedroom Wall
Between the Thorns
Between Two Worlds
Beyond The Cobwebs
Big Small or Just one Wall
Bina Lobell's Super Secret Diary
Bold as a leopard
Borrowed Time
Breaking Free
Breaking Point
Broken Promises
Cabin #3
Calculated Risk
Chanan and his Violin
Chanie of Wyoming
Chocolate Liqueur
Complex Mission
Cracks in the Wall
Crossing the Divide
Daniel My Son
Dare to Survive
Deep Blue
Distant Cousins
Double Check
Dr. Emanuel J. Mitzvah
Envoy from Vienna x2
Exploring the Wet & Wild Underwater World
Exploring the Wild World of Animals
Exploring the Wild World of Animals & Birds
Exploring the Wisdom & Wonders of the Universe
Eye of the Storm
Facing the music
Faiga Finds the Way
Family for a While
Family Secrets
Feivel the Falafel Ball
Final Judgement
First Identity
Flying with Daniel
Forever One
Friend of Foe
Getting it right
Gifts to Treasure
Glad to be me
Going In Circles
Goodbye my friends
Hashem Is truly Everywhere
Heart Rhythms
Hidden Diamonds
Hidden Diamonds
Hurry, Friday's a short day
I go to a wedding
In the Spiders Web
Interrupted Journey
Invisible Chains
It's Called Kibud Av Va'em
Izzy and Ezzy and the Winning Play
Jewish Detectives - Stories for Kids
JoJo Goes Shopping
Kids Speak 10
Kids Speak 2
Kids Speak4
Kind Little Rivka
Let's Go Camping
Let's Meet Community Helpers
Liba and the Feather Thief
Liba's Letters
Liba's Palace
Locked in Time
Maggid Stories for Children
Mendy of Siberia
Messes of Dresses
Mimi In the MIddle
Mimi's messy hair
Mind your own Business
Mindel's Treasure
Mister Lister
More adventures of PJ Pepperjay
More Kids Speak
More Precious than Gold
Moshe of Japan
Motti of Paraguay
Mussia of Morocco
My first book of Jewish Stories
My Upsherin Book
Not For Sale
Obstacle Illusion
On a Golden Chain
Once Upon a Time
One Flight Up
One flight up
One of a kind Yanky
Our Amazing World
Our Heroes 2
Our Heroes 2
Out of the Depths
Penina's Adventure at Sea
People Speak
Picture Perfect
Plan B
Prince of Akko
Puzzle Pieces
Pyrmid Base
Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah
Race against time
Race to the Top
Really, Truly Esther
Reb Pinchas Reizes
Reb Shmuel Munkis
Reb Yisrael Salanter
Rebbe Mendel #7 Wheels & Deals
Rebbe mendel Figure it out
Rebbe mendel In a class by himself
Rebbe mendel The big win
Rebbe mendel The secret of the red pearl
Rebbe mendel The worlds greatest teacher
Rebbe mendel Wheels and deals
Regards from Camp
Rivka of Thailand
Rooftop Secrets
Room 210
Sarah Pick up the Dime
Save Our School
Savta Simcha and the secen splendid gifts
Savta Simcha Uncle Nechemya
Scattered Pieces
Secret Accounts
Seder In Herlin
Shadows in the night
Shaina of Norway
Shining Star
South African Journey
Split Ends
Stepping Stones
Stories straight from Avi's Heart
Stranger in the woods
Stranger in the Woods
Stranger to her People
Super Shoes
Tales for Shabbos Table
Tamar of Venice
Tangled Vines
The Adopted Princess
The Adventures of Aliza & Dovid
The Adventures of Jeremy Levy
The adventures of PJ Pepperjay
The Adventures of The Cherry Bim Band
The Aleph Bais trip on the Aleph Bais Ship
The Alpine Oasis
The Baal Shem Tov
The Bakers Dozen #1 On Our Own
The Bakers Dozen #2 Ghosthunters
The Bankers Trust
The Best Call of All
The Betrayal
The blind Thief
The Broken Bracelet
The Broken Magen David and Other Stories
The Burksfield Bike Club #1 (Hard)
The Burksfield Bike Club #1 (soft)
The Burksfield Bike Club #2 (soft)
The Burksfield Bike Club #3 (soft)
The Burksfield Bike Club #4 (soft)
The Burksfield Bike Club #5
The Cantonists
The clockmakers apprentice
The Edge of Darkness
The Four seasons of Golda Mirel
The Glass Blower of Venice
The Golden of Prague
The Great Potato Plan
The Harp
The Imposter
The Jewel and the journey
The Jewish Kingdom of Kuzar
The Judge
The Legacy
The life and Limericks of Moishy Mittleman
The Little Black Box
The little Esrog
The Little Medrash Says Bamidbar
The little Medrash Says Beraishis
The Little Medrash Says Devarim
The little Medrash Says Shmos
The Little Medrash Says Vayikra
The Little Old Lady
The living Letters
The Lonely Shul
The Lost Children of Tarshish
The Lost Daughter
The Lost Treasure of Chelton (Soft)
The Marrano Prince x2
The Marvelous Mix Up
The Matching Locket
The Mexican File
The Miracles of Elisha
The Mission
The Movement (Damaged )
The Mysterious Lighthouse of Chelton
The Mystery of the lost watch
The Orphan
The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel Bamidbar
The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel Shemos
The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel Vayikra
The Plan
The Precious Little Spice Box
The Prince and the Scholar
The Promised Child x2
The Queen of Bais Yaakov - The story of Dr. Judith Grunfeld
The Reunion
The Runaway
The Scribe
The Search for the Crown
The Secret Caves of Chelton
The Secret Code
The Secret Tunnel
The Selby Printout
The Shelby Printout
The Shrinking Circle
The Silver Rings
The Silver Rings
The Spanish Plot
The Stone of the Alter
The Sultan's Trap
The Three Merchants
The very good Fisherman
The Whispering Mezuzah
The Will
There's a Reason Why?
They called her Rebbe the Maiden of Ludomir
Through the Flames of Aleppo
Time Bomb
Toba's Passage
Toby's Passage
Too tough to care
Try for a dream
Twilight x2
Twin Trouble
Uncle Yossi's Big Book of Stories
Untold Fortunes
Walking Together
Walled Secrets
Welcome to the Real World
What a Mitzvah
What about me
Where wild Marigold Grow
Where's Miss Konig? and other Stories
Who was Anne Frank
Why the Moon only Glows
Yoshko the Dumbbell
Yossi & Laibel on the Ball