Synagogue of Inverrary Chabad


Rabbi Aron Lieberman 
Phone: 954-733-5333  /954 394 7701
[email protected] 



 Emery and Mimi Green Chabad Preschool

                                                                              Founder - Shandy Lieberman a"h

Director - Estie Chanowitz - [email protected]  or 954 687 2523


  Chazan Rabbi Yossi Lebovics -  [email protected]  

Shul Caterer -  Nissen Pewzner- -347-291-7312  ni [email protected]  

Children's & Holdiday Programming - Rabbi Shmuly Klein  


Neshei Chabad  Rochel Rosenberg- [email protected]  Dina [email protected]

                        Neshei Chabad Set up and Decor - Hindy Baram 

    Women's Circle Rochel Zuckerman - [email protected] Dina Lieberman [email protected]


Outreach & Senior Programming - Rabbi Shmuli Heidingsfeld 


Mikvah - Chanie Lebovics  

Please whats app Chanie directly to make an appointment 954 200 4071 

   Mikvah Attendee- Hodaya Mauda 

Mikvah Renovations - Shloime Rosenberg and Zalman Schapiro 


Security  - Aryeh Shender


Shifra and Puah (after baby mom family care) - Chanie Lebovics