In the time of our exile in Egypt, the evil Pharoh commanded that all baby boys be thrown in the river and that midwives should not help the women at all with the birth.

Here is where we learn about the great women , Yocheved ( Moshe Rabainu's Mother ) & Miriam (Moshe Rabainu's Sister).

These special women ignored the decree of the king and not only helped the women give birth, they were a tremendous source of support for these women by helping them with the newborns. It is taught that Miriam cooed the babies and Yocheved beautified the babies was there for the mothers for whatever was needed (Puah -Miriam and Shifra - Yocheved )

Here at the Synagogue of Inverrary Chabad we have BH alot of young families and babies are always a joy for this community.

When women have babies in our communiy , Our Shifra & Puah organization steps in for the family, We provide meals and whatever else is needed.

Our Shifra & Puah organization also steps in if there is a medical situation and help is needed.

Shandy Lieberman a"h initiated this program in this community and her daughter Chanie Lebovics took it over after her passing.

Hindy Baram and Mattie Schurder leads this program. 

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