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Dear Friends,

A few short months ago, Covid 19 began its spread throughout the world and this country. Then came the abrupt lockdown which affected many peoples source of livelihood and their ability to provide for the their needs and those of their families. 

At that moment, the concept of Yad Yosef VeYitzchok - YYY was born. By brainstorming and partnering with existing food banks, a small group of people came together and found ways to distribute large amounts of produce on a weekly basis to many individuals and families in the South Florida Jewish community and beyond. 

Yad Yosef VeYitzchok is named after two unique and special people;
Yitzchok Leib Federman and Yosef Yitzchok Zaklos of blessed memory. There is much to say about who they were and the lives they lived respectively. However, they were most similar in the way they exemplified the true meaning of loving their fellow Jew as yourself by selflessly caring and giving of themselves to the people around them. May the efforts of this organization be a blessing to the memory of these special souls.


Deliveries to our Shul is usually on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Please reach out to Rabbi Levi Chanowitz if you had any questions. 


If you would like to be a volunteer at a delivery site, Please contact Rabbi Levi Chanowitz 954 687 5114

If you are able to donate towards the delivery truck costs, Please click  HERE and specify that its for Yad Yosef V'Yitzchok. 

Follow the Shul on Instagram at chabadofinverrary for pictures of ongoing activities.

כתיבה וחתימה טובה

Rabbi Aron Lieberman