In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC, and Florida Department of Children and Families and Broward County Child Care Licensing, we have incorporated the following new guidelines and rules at our school. These rules may be updated and or changed as per CDC.


  • In an effort to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, we have implemented some procedures to limit close face-to-face contact with others on the school grounds. See below paragraphs 2 and 4.


  • Drop off and pick up will ONLY be via our 'carpool lane' 
  • Drop off is from 8:25 am to 8:40 am. Pick up is from 3:15 pm to 3:30 pm.
  • Parents and non essential visitors will be unable to enter the facility. Children will be escorted to class and from class by one of our staff members.


  • Every morning at drop off, children will be screened for temperature and signs of illness. Staff will also be screened each morning.  
  • Children and staff who feel ill or have symptoms of illness are required to stay at home.
  • Signs of illness: fever of 100.4, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, body aches and shortness of breath.
  • Children should not be medicated before sending to school.
  • Ideally, parents should screen children for temperature and signs of illness at home, before sending to school. 
  • Parents and staff will be asked basic questions about the family's health.
  • At any point, if a child or staff member comes in close contact with a person with COVID-19, the child or staff member will be required to stay home for 14 days. The Emery & Mimi Green Chabad Preschool must be informed.


  • Class sizes will be adjusted to allow for smaller groups. 
  • Outside play will be limited to only one class at a time. 
  • Children and child care providers will not change from one group or classroom to another.


  • FACE COVERING.  When feasible, staff members will wear face coverings within the facility.
  • TOYS. Children cannot bring toys from home.
  • FOOD.  We will not be serving snacks. All food must be brought from home, including, morning and afternoon snack, full lunch, and a labeled water bottle that will be refilled throughout the day.


  • We have implement a higher standard of hygiene and increased times for hand washing for both the children and staff.
  • We have placed a hand sanitizing station at the main entrance of the building. 
  • We have intensified our cleaning and disinfection efforts to routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.
  • The playground equipment will be cleaned after each group's use.
  • Toilets will be sanitized after each use.

    Please take the time to read our updated sick policy below.

    We are dedicated to the well- being and health of our school families. For this reason, our sick policy is more stringent and less flexible going forward.

    If a child becomes symptomatic, (such as: runny nose, cough, fever of 99 or above, diarrhea, pink eye) child will be brought to office for isolation. Child will need to be picked up by parent within one hour

    As always, we deserve the right to determine if your child is having symptoms that requires them to be picked up.

    We have updated our sick policy to reflect a 72 hour wait time after symptoms have subsided, without the aid of medications, including procuring a Dr.’s note stating that no Covid testing is necessary.

    We reserve the right to ask you to keep your child home if another family member, or person in your household, is ill until we can determine that they are not ill with Covid.



    At any point, if a student or staff member contract COVID-19, the child/teacher will be required to stay home for fourteen days. Before returning to Preschool, child/staff member must be tested to be sure he/she is free of Covid (using testing methods approved by our medical consulting team) and the child/staff member does not exhibit any symptoms.


    AS SOON as a family is notified that someone isn’t well, and has possibly contracted Covid, The Emery & Mimi Green Chabad  must be notified. From that point on, child/staff member will remain home. If case in question is negative, they can return immediately. If case in question is positive, they must quarantine for 14 days before returning to school, as per guidelines of our Health Dept. A negative test will be necessary before returning to Preschool

    This is what we refer to as ‘Close Contact Case’. Since the only person who was in close contact with a Covid case, is required to quarantine, this situation will not affect the other students or staff member.


    If a staff member or student tests positive for Covid, they must immediately notify us. In turn, we will notify the Health Dept and the DCF supervisor. Person with Covid, will quarantine for the full 14 days and retest before returning. (Again, subject to change based on guidelines given by Health Dept upon notification of case)  All ‘Close Contact Case’ people will need to quarantine for 14 days and monitor for symptoms before returning to Gan. We may request all Close Contact Cases to test negative before returning.  This will affect all students and staff members who have come in contact with this student/teacher for more than 15 min, within 6 feet of the child for up to 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms or testing. (In other words, the child/teacher’s classroom).

    In this case, only this pod will close for the 14 day quarantine period, and the rest of the school remains open. The classroom will be professionally deep cleaned and sanitized before reopening.


    If multiple classrooms are affected by Covid, we will assess and consider whether multiple classes or  closing the entire school is necessary  for the duration of the Quarantine course.


    A government mandated closure due to Stay at Home order, as was the case in March 2020. (Or any other long term closure) We don’t anticipate this, as we generally fall under the Essential Business category as an Early Childhood Center. We will also only be following Broward County Public School closures as they relate to Natural Disasters such as Hurricanes and the like.



    The Emery & Mimi Green Chabad Preschool is committed to a full year of IN PERSON learning for the 2020-21 school year.

    We also understand that due to the current pandemic, or others like it, this may not be in our control. Considering the time, effort, money and work that goes into operating under these extreme conditions, and in order to be able to facilitate quick re openings after quarantines, we need to be able to steadily pay our ongoing expenses and staff members.


    ·         Our tuition prices have will remain as they are listed in our current tuition agreements

    ·         No refund will be made for any registration fees that were paid thus far, regardless of whether you choose to remain in the program or not.

    ·         Payment schedule will remain as always, August 1- May 1.

    ·         As long as The Emery & Mimi Green Chabad Preschool is operating, no refunds will be made due to a child’s illness, quarantine mandate, inability or change of mind to attend school. *see contract for penalty fees.

    ·         If Preschool is closed for temporary closures (up to 2 weeks) due to Covid, we will close for the required amount of days without reimbursement to anyone and with no commitment to extend school days at any point. Please read below for reimbursement plans beyond 2 week closures.

    Please read carefully through our tuition plans in the case of closures.


    In the event of:

    SITUATION A: NO REIMBURSEMENTS will be given to students who are required to stay home due to quarantine as a result of Close Contact Covid Case.

    SITUATION B: NO REIMBURSMENTS will be given to for students who will remain home for a 14 day quarantine, while the rest of the school is able to operate.

    SITUATION C: In the event of full school closures, reimbursements will be given only for time EXCEEDING 2 weeks. Reimbursements will be given as following:

            Full reimbursements MINUS 5% for every week beyond a two week full school closure.


    For temporary closures beyond two weeks, full reimbursement MINUS 5% for all classes per week. Additional options will be offered should we decide to provide a virtual school option.

    For permanent closures of the 2020-21 school year, full reimbursements of tuition balance for all classes.

    For those wishing to reserve their spot for a future reopening, 5% of the remainder of the annual balance will be charged.

     Failure to making payments as per our contract agreement, will result in loss of your child’s spot in our program with the possible inability to return.

     10. TRAVELING

    The protocols for traveling have been changing frequently as the Covid situation changes. For now, each case will need to be settled on an individual case by case decision. The decision is made based on variables that change per case (Who traveled? To where? For how long? Means of transportation? Etc) Please inform The Preschool BEFORE traveling so we can lay out the expectations upon your return. Be prepared that traveling may result in mandatory absences for your children. There will be no reimbursement for absences due to travel for any reason.


    If you are uncomfortable with sending your child to school with these precautions in place, please keep your child at home. These precautions are in place to provide every effort to keep every child and family safe; however, this does not provide any guarantee of any kind. As the parent of the child attending, you assume all risks associated with allowing your child to begin attending. That being said, we are doing everything we can in our power to keep every child safe during this time. Working together during this time is important.




    I have read and understand the policies put in place listed in this document. I understand the risks I am taking and agree to follow and adhere to the policies in all regards (notifying The Emery & Mimi Green Chabad Preschool when needed as listed, quarantining as required, testing when necessary, tuition agreements as listed and any other details on this document.

    Printed Name: ______________________________________________________


    Date _____________


    We THANK YOU for your partnership in weathering this storm together! With Hashem’s help and blessings, we will be successful in providing our little ones with a safe and productive school year!



These precautions are in place to provide every effort to keep every child and family safe; however, this does not provide any guarantee of any kind. The parent of the child attending assumes all risks associated with allowing their child to begin attending school. We are doing everything we can in our power to keep every child safe during this time. Working together is very important. We look forward to a wonderful school year of learning and growing!