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1/3 Calendar Bar (4.5”x1.75”) $180

Full Calendar Bar (10.625"x1.75") $500

Anniversary, Birthday, or Yahrtzeit* $18 per date

Back Cover (10.625”x6”) $1800

2/3 Calendar Side Bar (6"x1.75") $350

Calendar Box (1.5"x1.35") $75

1/3 Page (3.375”x5.625”) $1000

*will appear on actual date provided

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Purchase all thirteen months for the price of ten

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$18/date - I'd like to insert a Special Occasion in the Calendar.

Date 1 Name 1 Occasion 1

Date 2 Name 2 Occasion 2

Date 3 Name 3 Occasion 3

Date 4 Name 4 Occasion 4

Date 5 Name 5 Occasion 5

Date 6 Name 6 Occasion 6

Date 7 Name 7 Occasion 7

Date 8 Name 8 Occasion 8

Date 9 Name 9 Occasion 9

* Please contact Chabad to list more dates.


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Jewish Community Calendar

C/O Synagogue of Inverrary Chabad

6700 NW 44th Street

Lauderhill FL 33319


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