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  • Rosh Hashana Card 5775/2014Please participate in our community Rosh Hashana card. For only $30 you can wish every member in the community a Joyful and Sweet New Year - While helping to fund our ongoing Neshai Events.
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  • Shifra V'PuahA special organization that cares about the needs of the family when a new baby joins the family. See More
  • Operation Protective EdgePlease say an extra prayer for our brothers & sisters in Eretz YisroelINSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS
  • Neshai Chabad Of Inverrary Take a night off to socialize, create and challenge your mind with a fascinating group discussion on Judaism. Reward Yourself! You deserve it!Read More
  • Camp Gan Israel Many a child has been known to wait all year to come back to Gan Israel! Our campers enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm, safe and vivacious atmosphere that exposes the beauty of our Jewish heritage and provides every child with a wonderful and fulfilling camp experience.Read More
  • Shandy's Legacy Who was our beloved Rebbitzen?See More
  • Mommy & Me Join other Jewish parents and kids as we explore the child's world through story, song, cooking, crafts and circle time. A great beginning for your child's education!Click for more info
  • Cold SoupThe guy comes back 3,300 years later, sits down and tastes the soup on the table. It's coldRead More
  • All About TefillinA video presentation of the how, why and what of this fundamental mitzvahRead More
  • LeavesA tribute to natureRead More

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